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Kids Write:   Become an Author

Enter the Kids Writing Contest @

The Hawkesbury Public Library

Here is your opportunity to launch your skills as a writer......
Enter the Hawkesbury Public Library Kids Writing Contest. Submit your own writing of a short story, documentary, poem or comic strip. The sky is the limit.... add in your own art and bring forth your talent as an illustrator!

More information and help for kids will be during the Reading Club Programs. So charge up your ipad or tablet, let your imagination loose and start writing!

Download the HPL Kids Writing Contest Guidelines    (PDF)

Web Sites for Young Authors Like You...

Kids Writing Contest Winners


  1. Mary Ellen & Thomas Fader .... author of.... The mystery of the spirit    (PDF)
  2. Sara Dénommée .... author of.... Washing dishes isn’t always easy    (PDF)
  3. Alice Gabriel .... author of.... The rainbow village picnic    (PDF)


  1. Lucas Leclerc .... author of.... Dungar Thunderblade's First Adventure    (PDF)
  2. Constantin Piccone .... author of.... Stranded    (PDF)
  3. Emma Scott .... author of.... Diary of a Wolf    (PDF)


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